Sunday, December 21, 2014

Airport Fashion for End of The Year 2014

Outer - Makastore, Sunglasses - greyfestshop, Inner - ZARA, Jegging - ZARA, Shoes - Adidas Superstar 2

I am out from Jakarta for awhile. I am heading to Solo and other cities because of other business and family gathering there. It's really rare to finding good wifi signal with fast connectivity here, maybe because i'm too lazy to search wifi. I probably too busy to eating delicious foods.

Today airport fashion inspiration is inspired from Jinwoo (WINNER). Probably if you search his airport fashion, you definitely can realize it. I am doing collab with Makastore. Really love their leather jacket, i know Indonesia is really humid but leather jacket is first wardrobe essential since a long time ago.


WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINE ID : makastoredotcom | BB Pin : 74003C73 | Whatsapp : 082218080801 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

November 2014 : Haul and New Stuffs

Long time no update for haul and random stuffs which are going into my personal collection. I already skip September and October. All of those stuffs from September and October were already being updated on my blog. So i think, i do not need to update back to back haul blog post. Let's throwback for the things which i got on November. 

1. White strong shape and blue mirrored sunglasses. 
2. Hologram clutch.
3. Lumpy Space Princess of Adventure Time printed sweatshirt.
4. Bonia watch for women.
5. WINNER 2014 S/S 1st Album / Debut Album.
6. Print out photos from my friend's wedding event. Photo of me and my friends from Korean Cultural Center.

I actually got more stuffs from random online stores and blog shops. I even bought some second hand stuffs online. But those are not really flattering, so yea i just updated these for now. I am going to post newest fashion post soon. I am coming back to my busy life as IR student again. I am doing my summary, critical reviews, and so on. :(

Good luck and God Bless!


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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Album Review : WINNER 2014 S/S

My ultimate new favorite boy group album is finally here. Fresh from South Korea. Lucky, i get Mino's polaroid edition. I heard that, not all people can easily get Mino's polaroid edition. Fangirl's fate? HAHAHA. 

WINNER as the newest boy group debuted in 2014 from YG Entertainment is definitely making me fall in love into their deep charisma. WINNER included 5 members, they are Kang SeungYoon as leader, composer, and vocal, Song Minho (Mino) as main rapper and composer, Nam Taehyun as vocal, composer and the youngest (maknae), Kim Jin Woo as main Vocal, Lee SeungHoon as rapper and choreographer.

I love all of them actually and i even can't choose my own bias or favorite person among all members. But the most one member that i like and love is Song Minho. The ex leader of Team A (now as WINNER). His appearance is remembering me of GDragon's younger spirit combined with Taeyang feels into music and deep voice of TOP. How fun his character (4D Character) and his full of expression are catching my heart away. He is talented as well. Ah, well... all members are really damn talented. All of them are good in singing, dancing, and handsome at the same time. They are tall as well compare than Big Bang's members of course. They can do modeling for some designers or brands on fashion week.

My favorite ultimate songs are Empty, Color Ring, Mino's Solo - I'm Him, Don't flirt, and Different. But overall i love all the songs, lol. All of them are definitely awesome and good. [All tracks are included on picture above]. They released music videos for Empty, Color Ring, and Mino's solo on youtube, you can check it out! For Don't Flirt, they released the live performance recording on youtube as well.

All the songs are so easy listening but yet all songs are having deep meanings. I don't know why, from WINNER's teasers videos and everysingle thing were beyond perfect. Love the minimalistic and simplicity theme of this debut. Love how YG Entertainment launched the album with Spring and Summer fashion runaway, WINNER members as the models did catwalk on stage. Love everything, i really recommend this album to all of you who want to refresh your mind from over loaded kpop songs. This debut album is definitely having a great up class feeling.

Good luck and God Bless!


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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Beauty Review : How to keep your face fresh all day in 12 hours?

Hello guys, welcome back again with me Margaret. Lately, I really love to try beauty products and skincare at the same time, after that I straight go to my blog and do my honest review. Let me tell you my short story…

I am such a busy student. I only have one day break each week which is Sunday. I wakeup early in the morning at 5AM and come back home around 5PM almost everyday. I do work part time and sometime I have modeling job requests after the university schedule ended. I need to keep my skin fresh all day. I want to make a great first impression in front of client.

I think my life super hero is BB Cream who protect my skin and make my skin fresh all day. I don’t want to get break out and acnes because I wear too much makeup. Yes, BB Cream is going to be my first choice. But is there any kind of BB Cream that stay for 12 hours or even more? The answer is yes. PIXY BB Cream. I love this new product. Like it’s real! I see the PIXY COMPACT POWDER PURE FINISH as well at the market, so why don’t I try right?

From the picture above you definitely can see that my freaking eyeline already smudged out T_T but it’s okay,…my face is not looking bad because my PIXY BB Cream was being my hero! This BB Cream stayed still on my skin for really such a long time…12 hours. 

I bet all of you are being curious about how those products work on your skin? Well here it is the review and tutorial how you can apply PIXY BB CREAM BRIGHT FIX and end with PIXY COMPACT POWDER PURE FINISH.

SPF 30 & PA+++


The BB Cream gives my skin natural glow. BB Cream pigmentation is also good, that’s why The BB Cream does blend out easily on our skin. The BB Cream doesn’t change after 12 hours because of the Smart Lock Powder. It stays all day long so I do not need to do touch up or reapplied each hour. The SPF 30 & PA+++ definitely protects your skin from the harsh and damageable sunlight. Your skin is going to be fine all day. The BB Cream also won’t clog your pores. Why? Because The BB Cream has non comedogenic formula that already been clinically tested. NO COMEDO AND NO ACNE! ☺ Also the most interesting part that this BB Cream contains Natural Whitening Extract & Vitamin C Derivate as your skin natural whitening agent.

SPF 25 + PA+++

To complete my fresh looking skin for 12 hours, I need to set up my BB Cream with a matte powder. Don’t worry! Your skin is not looking shiny in 12 hours if you have an oily skin type. The compact powder came with a cute pink packaging that I love. Remembered me to kawaii stuff. The product contains SPF 25 & PA+++ for optimum skin protection to UVA and UVB Rays. Also it has Natural Whitening Extract and Vitamin C Derivate for your skin whitening agent same as what BB Cream does.

PIXY BB CREAM BRIGHT FIX and PIXY COMPACT POWDER PURE FINISH come with three shades to choose from cream, beige, and ochre. You can choose the closest shades to your own skin natural skin shades. 

I can’t believe in a nice deal I can get a lot of benefits from these two amazing products. Go PIXY!

By the way PIXY opens blog competition for all of you! Open for PUBLIC! 


For more information you can go straight to these official sites (CLICK) :


PIXY Blog Competition

Mengenai PIXY
PIXY adalah brand kosmetik yang mempersembahkan Tokyo Beauty, trend kecantikan Asia terbaru dan menginspirasi begitu banyak wanita di dunia. PIXY memancarkan pesona kecantikan wanita Asia yang sesungguhnya lewat rangkaian produk perawatan wajah dan tata rias yang diformulasikan oleh Mandom Beauty Tokyo. PIXY memberikan pilihan warna dan gaya makeup Tokyo terkini serta selera fashion Tokyo yang kawaii dan modern.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Movie Grain

Beanie - UNIQLO,  Choker - Damn Awesome Bali, Inner and Leather Jacket - ZARA, High Waisted Short - La_Petitecloset, Shoes - Mighty8shoes, Backpack - Adidas Neo Label

I really into chokers lately. Finally, after i feel confuse for such a long time...i buy one set tattoo choker in black and red. I think, choker is making my appearance different than before. I see how contrast my emotion on pictures after i wear it. I already got many compliments. LOL! Tattoo choker is being my newest crush.

Another crush for this week is my short. The vintage piece that i got from La_Petitecloset actually in the early of November. I just got time for blog photoshoot. I love how the Movie Grain Effect on every picture is being connected to the vintage piece feeling. I feel so retro and rad. I really recommend this online store for you guys who really want to go shopping in low budget. Check @La_petitecloset on instagram.


INSTAGRAM | LINE ID : Lapetitecloset | BBM Pin : 7E4D8E22

Good luck and God Bless!


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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Comeback to Black Photoshoot

Crop Top - MargaretaVania Wardrobe, Jeans - LOGO, Outer and Platform - Yeni's wardrobe

Photo by Yeni N. Navisya - DKV Binusian 2017

I don't want to waste my friend and my efforts. So better than nothing, i post the result to my blog. These pictures were coming from the latest photoshoot project with my friend. I think, it can be my newest simple fashion post. Come on, you can't go wrong with black crop top, jeans, and denim outer. Plus the magic platform shoes are going to make your outfit looking good.

If some of you want to ask "How to style black crop top?" In my opinion, you can take this post as your simple inspiration. I believe some of you who really go in a rush, never think about "what do i need to wear today?". You just grab anything in front of you. Then,... This is the solution : prepare your crop top, denim long sleeve as your outer or you can put it on your waist, any kind of jeans (maybe high waisted is also great), your platform sandals/shoes, and grab your backpack! 

BOOM! You are going to be simplicity awesome!

Good luck and God Bless!


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